5 tips to generate more money with your hair braiding business!

1. Keep clients coming in between braid appointments. Offer a scalp refresher (clean your clients scalp with a astringent Sea Breeze is a good brand then oil with a light oil to moisturize like coconut oil.) You can offer this service as bonus and charge an extra 20 to 30 dollars. You can also schedule you client for a touch-up before he or she leaves you chair! Let them know that they need to get the first few rows touched up in 2-3 weeks and ask them what day should you put them down on your schedule. You can add up to an extra 70 dollars per touch-up. Explain the importance of touch-ups and scalp refreshers for healthy hair and scalp and long lastly neat braids!

2. Start a loyalty program/ reward repeat customers. Create reward cards for your customers and remember to stamp after each appointment. Offer a free service or discount after the 10th visit. This will keep customers coming back because most people can’t turn down a great deal or freebie!

3. Up- sell! Offer products to maintain your clients style after you finish your service. You can sell braid sheen, edge control even bonnets!

4. Supply the hair for your braiding services. Buy you hair wholesale and mark up the price by a few dollars. Your client will appreciate the convenience of not having to stop and purchase hair before her appointment. In return for the convenience you can easily make an extra 10-20 dollars just off the braiding hair.

5. Offer mobile services. (If you have a vehicle.) I would call this the “VIP treatment”. Let your clients know that you offer mobile services. Always check gas prices and the distance to and from your client’s location before quoting a travel fee. THEN ADD A CONVENIENCE FEE TO WHATEVER AMOUNT GAS WILL COST YOU. I wouldn’t offer a flat rate only because some of your clients may be 45 minutes one way. A 20-dollar extra fee may not be worth the drive. Always remember time is money in your braiding business. If you’re going to driving to someone’s house and possibly have to travel in traffic, bad weather etc. you should be paid accordingly!


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